UK Pravda Uses ‘The I-Word’

Unlike many other Albanians who have entered the UK illegally on small boats, he was quickly sent home on a rapid deportation flight

Good that he’s back where he belongs…

…but shocking that he’s only one of a handful thus properly deported!

That wet Tory wimp, Jellyfish Jenrick…



…must be forced to explain his Home Office flunkeys’ slack performance

But here’s another shocker…

BBC journos using the same words that normal Brits would use –

– they ‘put it to him that he knew he’d reached UK illegally.’


The BBC talking accurately about the Channel tsunami?

One wonders whether UK Pravda’s staffers in the Albanian capital, Tirana, namely Joe Inwood & Albana Kasapi, will keep their jobs!

And the honest crimmigrant told the truth!

The Big Truth….


…that the pro-crimmigrant media and agitprops hate to hear..

Yes, of course I did.

If you enter a foreign country without proper documentation, visas, stamps, of course you are entering illegally.


The BBC website has some other arresting content, not least the crimmigrant’s account of dereliction of duty by collabo French police…


A French police boat appeared 20 minutes into our journey. They accompanied us from a distance of maybe 200m, just observing, which reassured us.

They stayed for three hours, maybe more.

Then the Albanian tells how, unhindered by those French sloths, ‘we crossed into UK waters and called British police.”



It just gets tastier!

Artan recalls how the British authorities helped them get to shore safely 

 “​They told us they were coming to get us, that we mustn’t panic. They behaved well and seemed very welcoming and polite…”  

How touching…

…the warm welcome afforded to invaders by those whose duty it is to guard UK territorial waters.