Ingrate Iranian Illegal? Figment Of BBC Fantasy?

An Iranian man, who the BBC is only referring to by his nickname, Kiro, left a hotel four months ago and has now been granted asylum.

Wow, another pro-crimmigrant blurb from the BBC….


May be an image of text


…but, predictably a typical UK Pravda cover-up!

Imagine, any serious media publishing wild allegations yet refusing to provide anything probable about its source..

Does ‘Kiro’ even exist?


Who knows?

But if so, it’s a damning indictment of how the ‘asylum’ system works, because he got ‘asylum’ despite boasting that he came to Britain from a safe, democratic country….

…from which there was absolutely NO NEED to flee.

And, still assuming he exists outside the febrile, fanatic imagination of the BBC hack-pack, the foul ingrate finds time to complain about the culinary standard of the largesse lavished on crimmigrants, courtesy of the Tory Government.


Get this whine about his free meals in his free hotel accommodation

(‘…meals were often too small “This is not healthy food, it is not enough food and it is not good food,” said the 38-year-old, who said he paid £2,000 so that he could cross the channel by small boat..’



Feed them bread and water, once a day, till they decide that parasiting on the beach by Calais is a more agreeable life-style than sponging on the British public purse.