Why Isn’t Hag Murtagh Behind Bars?

St Paul’s High School, in Bessbrook, revealed Sinead Murtagh is currently off on “personal leave” due to the controversy surrounding her behaviour at an event in Belfast…’


Sinead Murtagh


That’s the obnoxious young hag ‘who was filmed singing “Up the Ra” – the terrorist anthem made famous recently by Eire’s soccer sows….

FIFA Should Ban Those Pro-IRA Soccer Sows

…to former First Minister of Ulster, Arlene Foster, whose father was damn near murdered by the cowardly IRA scum for whom Murtagh fancies herself a cheer-leader.

Turns out the bitch is said to come from Crossmaglen, a den of evil…

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…of which we have written more than once.

Incredibly – well, not really – a leading spokesman for the ‘moderate’ SDLP thinks we shouldn’t be mean to the vile creature.


Justin CrokePark.jpg

Justin McNulty


SDLP MLA Justin McNulty last night said while Ms Murtagh had made “a terrible mistake” he did not think it was helpful for anyone to be personally attacking her.


That’s from the Irish News, whose reporter, a clearly sensitive flower named Allen Preston, whines that Murtagh hasfaced a backlash on social media with many criticising her behaviour.

A large number have also directed abusive and misogynistic comments towards her.’ https://www.irishnews.com/news/northernirelandnews/2022/11/25/news/woman_at_centre_of_up_the_ra_video_controversy_takes_leave_from_school_role-2916726/


God forbid!

But let’s be clear.

If somebody foul happens to be female, then ‘sow, cow, vixen, bitch‘ are legitimate words to use.

If a male behaved as disgracefully, then ‘pig,’ ‘swine’ or ‘dog,‘ all serve well enough.


Or we could have a nice inclusive word like ‘beast!’

Obviously if the justice system were in better shape, with decently appropriate penalties included in the law, Mangy Murtagh might be horse-whipped and/or tarred and feathered….

…but at the very least she should be treated like a leper for the rest of her life.

Instead, we know only that her sole punishment, so far, is.. what?

Well, we don’t know!

All that the Belfast Telegraph can tell us is that whoever runs St. Paul’s school, in Bessbrook, County Armagh, ‘has confirmed “proper procedures” have been invoked against one of its volunteers…’

…and that the foul cow is currently off on “personal leave” due to the controversy surrounding her behaviour at an event in Belfast…




Support for terrorist movements is surely actionable, even in today’s UK.