De-Labelling Christian Kindness? Name The Gang!

Although I generally delight in my country of residence….


…sometimes aspects of life in Indonesia do sadden me…



…like the behaviour of some ‘earthquake refugees’ in Cianjur, West Java, who were happy to accept aid from their Christian fellow-citizens –

… the ‘Action Team for the Indonesian Evangelical Reformed Church…’

  – but apparently not so happy….

….that the badly needed tents supplied by the Christians happened to include a label identifying the source.



The de-labelling was not spontaneous but a deliberate, planned action by a gang which neither the police nor local authorities seem willing to name.

(a police spokesman went so far as to say the gang’s action was not an act of intolerance!

‘ needs to be emphasized that this is not an intolerance act. The people are still using the tents, they are not being rejected. Only the stickers or labels have been removed…”

How gracious!

The cop refers to the perpetrators as an ‘ormas,‘ which is short for a ”community organisation’ – but here in Indonesia all kinds of loutish outfits can be included in such terminology.

The now-banned Islamist vigilante movement, the FPI…


…was often referred to as an ‘ormas.’

(Use our Search engine for ‘ormas’ and see what I mean…Will Jokowi Stand Firm Against Violent Fanatics? …but try that for starters!.)

Reluctance to name and shame perps has been noticed in the past…Rabid Bigots Mob ‘Un-Islamic’ Wedding – Media Can’t ID Scum?..and is perhaps telling.

But that the ‘ormas‘ was a sectarian group is indicated by this extract from one report.

You can also see a person wearing a white skullcap and koko shirt filming one of the people removing the banner.’

That kind of costume is not invariably worn by a certain brand of fanatic –  but it is how a certain type of fanatic does like to dress in public .

Just very sad, that ‘it was seen that other residents took down banners in other refugee tents.’