Where’s Jenny Geddes When Ye Need Her?

Ye’ll no say mass in ma lug!”

Jenny Geddes in action


Jenny Geddes was a staunchly Protestant Scots lady who hurled a stool at an episcopal preacher, Dean Hannay, in Edinburgh, because she felt his sermon was too Catholic.

The story stuck with me as I heard it from a gent descended from the Dean!

Today, though not at all a zealous evangelical, I had been contemplating preparation of my Christmas Tree next month…



…and suddenly I had to wonder why there were no Christians in Cambridge around with stools to throw at the foul blasphemer…



..who slurred Jesus in the cause of transfreakery.

Heresy’: Worshipers leave Cambridge sermon in tears over claim Jesus has trans body, crucifixion wound is vagina https://spanish.christianpost.com/news/cambridge-sermon-claims-jesus-wound-is-a-vagina-savior-is-transgender.html

Incredulous, and since that news ws not from well-known media, I sought confirmation, from The Times

Christ had a “simultaneously masculine and feminine body” during the Crucifixion, according to Joshua Heath, a junior research fellow at Trinity College https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/cambridge-university-college-dean-in-heresy-row-as-sermon-suggests-jesus-had-a-trans-body-270l7bpm9

The dirty creep named Joshua Heath, who aired the offensive tripe, could do with at least a stooling…


…but what about the senior Church of England Dean, Michael Banner, who has declined to condemn the vile slug, and reportedly claims that ‘these representations of Jesus Christ in male and female bodies have made it easier to discuss trans concerns.’

Cambridge University dean backs claims suggesting Jesus Christ was transgender, leaves worshippers in tears


Stuff ‘ trans concerns!’

I am not one of those who believes in killing blasphemers, but this nauseating woker dean should surely be excommunicated…

.( or whatever the C of E does to those who bring the church into disrepute)

…for offensive heresy.