Anti-Brexit Bias? BBC Guilty! No Hacks Fired

We know that UK Pravda has long been infested with Europhiliac slugs…


…but equally we know the swine feel free to impose their bias, funded as they are by coercive taxation, flaunting the fact that there are no democratic controls.


Aaah, say the arrogant mandarins, we have no need of democratic oversight – we are self-policing!


There’s a ‘BBC Executive Complaints Unit!

And it’s just ruled that a BBC report on Brexit…

broke impartiaity rules!

So who got fired?

Who got suspended,

Who got disciplined in any way?

Nobody’s saying!


The finding was reported to the management of BBC Scotland and discussed with the programme-makers concerned.”

And that’s all you poor mugs in the UK are going to get told by the BBC stuck-ups!


Just keep the cash flowing and don’t dare expect transparency’