PS…A St. Andrew’s Day Afterthought!

Having already taken note of Scotland’s big day, just an hour ago…



…we just want to add a little anecdotal but still supportive evidence of our  belief that St. Andrew can’t be enjoying what has become of the country of which he’s patron saint..

(I must acknowledge Guido Fawkes’ excellent site at this point, which refers to that once-proud land beyond Hadrian’s Wall as ”The United Socialist Scottish Republic.’

That’s an apt nick-name for the regime determined to join the EUSSR.)



.a member of the public wearing a suffragette-coloured scarf (purple, green and white) was kicked out of a Holyrood select committee for breaching rules on “political” colours.

 All while MSPs wear LGBT rainbow lanyards…

Another woman wearing the purple, cream and white, pictured above left, was also asked to leave the room. When this issue was raised by an MSP, the chair suspended the sitting so they could talk about this momentous matter in private.