St. Andrew’s Day – Ponder Sturgeon’s Evil!

It would be nice to praise Sonia Sodha, who has written in the Guardian, warning of the dire threat Scotswomen face…

…due to deliberate ( and IMHO immensely evil) decisions taken by Nicola Sturgeon.

It’s a powerful piece of writing  but it’s fatally flawed, no surprise when we know of her unwholesome record ( including work with a ‘race relations’ unit at the Home Office  – and with the BBC…


Sonia Sodha

……and as adviser to former Labour leader Ed Milliband.

The writer seems incomprehensibly pleased that the sicko Tories in 1999 elevated transfreaks…

…to parity of esteem with normal human categories, females, ethnics etc., in terms of against whom we may not discriminate.

She rubs salt in the wound by reminding us that the shameful Tory law was a global first.

However, in terms of the immediate menace, she foresees how it could bizarrely create a situation ‘wide open for a Conservative government in Westminster to step in to protect Scottish women, by updating the Equality Act to clarify its sex-based protections for women apply only to those who are biologically female…’

It’s rather sickeningly instructive, that last bit, how normal discourse, even everyday conversation, has become so degenerate.

As if there can be ANY woman, in Scotland, or anywhere…



…who is NOT ‘biologically female.

And while Sodha scores a good debating point when she says that..

‘No Scottish minister has been able to say what living as the opposite sex actually means…’

…why for pity’s sakes does she have to add this silly tail-end?

(and the EHRC has noted this provision risks reinforcing harmful sexist stereotypes).


Sexist stereotypes!?!’


Harmful sexist stereotypes!?!’