‘Diversity’ Sunak Devalues Uni Free Speech

Free speech law to stop university cancel culture watered down by No 10


It seems that whenever the Tories drift almost inadvertently in the right direction, some hidden hand steers them back towards appeasement of the UK’s vermin element.



The persecution of both academics and students at British universities has escalated quite scandalously in recent years….

Evil Freaks Claim A Fresh Victim.

Hirsi Ali? Professor Stock’s In Good Company! 

….very often instigated by protagonists of transfreakery.

So when moves were made to prevent the intimidation, well done, we thought.

The latest sell-out approved by Rishi ‘Diversity’ Sunak reportedly comes ‘after lobbying by Tory peers,’ their wet knickers in a twist because universities might get hit with hefty costs.


Universities waste tons of money on left-woke hogwash, like ‘equalities officers,’ and moronic lefts paid to write ‘trigger warnings…’



…to prevent milk-sops suffering reality checks when they might have to read a good book.

Hit the pinko swine who run them in the pocket and they might review their priorities.

No wonder Kemi Badenoch, one of the few ministers who genuinely cares for free speech, is reportedly ‘concerned about any attempts to dilute the protections in the Bill.’

Read the whole story and make your voice heard, perhaps quoting –

Professor Jo Phoenix, who quit the Open University when it wouldn’t stand up to vile ‘transgender activists’ who came after her.

How ‘Open’ IS That Tax-Funded University? 

We looked at that episode a while ago!

She describes Sunak’s sell-out as “horrendous”.

To now think that I would have to go through a lengthy complaints process, well let’s just say that this process is an excellent way that university managers can kick the problem in our universities into the long grass,” she said.