Germans – Lots Not To Talk About Now!

I truly can’t be bothered with this politicised competition, but some participants are more to be deplored than others.


German soccer players cover their mouths as they pose for a group photo before their World Cup match

All those pro-maladjust German players deserved to be knocked out of the World Cup.

World Cup 2022 German press review: ‘The end of a great football nation

Their disgraceful antics aimed at promoting the gaystapo agenda in Qatar has tainted sport…

…but it’s unsurprising, since the whole soccer scene in Germany, as I learned while writing my various recent observations.

Not only has the DFB, Germany’s equivalent of the FA, been ‘heavily involved in Pride Month...’..but, sickeningly, there has been….



…. ‘implementation of playing rights for trans and non-binary players, which now applies nationwide to all state and regional associations…”

Good that the Germans are on their way home.

But sad that we can’t wish England’s team well…

Talk about standing up for their principles!


Spineless Wonders



The yellow-bellies ran up the white flag at a mere flash of a yellow card!

Harry Kane One Love armband cleared pic via Thomas Driscoll
Harry Kane now won’t wear his pro-perv badge

…those gutless creeps at least as deserving as the Germans of humilitation.