Why Just Putin? Sanction Islamic Republic – Of Gambia!

We keep hearing about how effective the economic war being waged by Brussels against Moscow can be.

But how about turning these strong measures against another obnoxious regime…


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…in Africa!

The Islamic Republic of Gambia’s rulers have adopted an uppity, arrogant and hostile stance on a matter of key concern – the return from Germany…


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…….of THOUSANDS of evil savages due for deportation.

The Gambians are simply refusing to take them.

Understandable, perhaps, because according to the report late last year, on the Gambian President Barrow’s reasoning, the prospective deportees are the scum of the earth.


  • Adama Barrow - 2018 (39774084330) (cropped).jpg Barrow


One of the main reasons repeatedly given by Barrow is that the majority of the country’s population – composed of a little over 2 million people – believes that the departure of these young men now living across Europe has helped to eliminate crime and violence in the Gambia.

If these young men were returned, they believe the crime and violence would inevitably come back as well, he claims. 


see also  – https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/plus233805244/Migranten-Afrikas-neue-Weigerung-in-der-Migrationspolitik.html

So the Gambians themselves admit we’re talking about dangerous undesirables…

…but won’t take back their toxic trash, leaving the vermin to make life hellish for decent folk in Germany?

A bit like Erdolf’s attitude towards the crimmigrants he sends into Greece, and check this out –

“Turkey is a role model country for Gambian military, security and other governmental institutions.” https://www.aa.com.tr/en/africa/turkey-plays-key-role-in-gambia-military-training/

That figures!


 Meanwhile, Kaiserin Ursula is incandescently enthusiastic about applying sanctions against Putin’s Russia…



…therefore the least she can do is apply similar measures against Barrow’s Gambia.

Fat Chance, you say?

Well then, let’s find out how much overseas aid goes into Gambia, from European countries….

…and turn off the tap!


PS –

There is some debate about the country’s precise designation.