Oxford Gal Grovels To Freak Fury

It’s sad, and infuriating, but whilst we may feel sorry for the girl in the news…



…one’s sympathy tends to diminish when we realise how  she has cowered….

..The comments I made in the article contribute to a bio-essentialist, narrow-minded narrative of what being a woman is, including the prioritisation of women over minorities. I cannot apologise enough for the damage and hurt I have caused the trans community… 

Imagine grovelling thus to appease moaning maladjusts!

…when beset by a torrent of transfreak shrilling.

As The Times explained

An Oxford student union official has apologised for her supposedly trans- exclusionary stance after objecting to the abolition of the women’s officer role.


Adding a touch of absurdity, we learn that, while there will be no more “women’s officer…”

..there will be some clown glorying in the title of ‘liberation and equalities representative from next year…’

For a very effective put-down of the Oxford wokers’ witch-hunt, try this –