How Dare Turdo Critise Adolf!

Of course Beijing’s brutal behaviour against lockdown protesters should be condemned….

China – Power To The People! 

…but RT (today 4/2 8.20am Jakarta time) was quite right to draw attention to Justin Turdo’s hypocrisy.


After the draconian measures he authorised against Canada’s Freedom Convoy….

Police-State Thugs? Ottawa Top Cop Pleads Ignorance! 

How Dare Turdo Talk Of Democracy? dare he criticise Adolf Xi’s equally oppressive tactics.

And it’s not just RT.

Other media, in Canada too..

‘. Trudeau a hypocrite for supporting Chinese protesters while crushing those at home? We’ll let you decide.

…are asking relevant questions.

The National Post journo seems to think that Turdo is less morally flawed than the blood-stained Chinese Communist cabal…



..but at least the National Post  is open to discussion of serious national concerns, more than may be said….

…of those who control Canada’s tax-funded propaganda media.

My view is that Turdo has inherited his evil parent’s totalitarian instincts, which became far-left….


Turdo Fulfils His Nazi-Fan Dad’s Day-Dream?

…after the initial Hitler-fan phase  but has yet to achieve sufficient powers…



….fully to iimplement his agenda.