BBC Journo Bashed By Adolf’s Goons?

Yes, it’s tough getting duffed up, especially in a country like Red China…


…which is increasingly exposed as the vast concentration camp it is, and has been…


….ever since Mao the Monster took over in 1949.

And while many of UK Pravda’s nasties, since the Falklands War at least…


“…the widow in Portsmouth is no different from the widow of Buenos Aires.. “

…might well be none the worse for a stern lesson…



…I can’t say the BBC man beaten by uniformed Communist thugs is of that sort.

But it’s the double-standards of the tax-funded propaganda mill that ought to astonish.

If any of their people are hard done by, UK Pravda will yelp incessantly, and they commiserate too with hacks of similar ideological inclination…


….but if journalists who don’t share BBC’s left bias come to grief.….

Cops Attacks Journo, BBC Silent, Cos Alexa’s No Lefty!

…big deal!

Not a word of protest…

…no whisper of concern.