HRH’s Henchmen Consort With Racist ‘Charity?’

Dialogue is now taking place between Buckingham Palace and a black British charity boss…’

Sick of seeing that bleating buffalo….

Ngozi Fulani
Whining ‘charity’ boss Ngozi Fulani

….the big boss of the racist charity….

( and yes, it is racist,  not remotely ‘inclusive!.’

No Whites, no Asians…



…as even the Guardian confirms – ‘ her charity, which supports women of African and Caribbean heritage across the UK..’

  • …….

…but no surprise that we see her unappealing mugshot on UK Pravda…



…which is making the most of the mouthy brute’s prolonged tantrum.

But we expect no better of BBC –  or of that big-head big-mouth.


What must grieve as many of you as much as it grieves me is that The Man Who Would be King….


Image may contain Clothing Apparel Prince William Duke of Cambridge Suit Coat Overcoat Human Person and Tie

…having treated a faithful family servant with crass ingratitude, to appease a whiney woko with a chip the size of the Titanic on her shoulder…

God Save Buck House – From Wokery

…HRH is now conducting ‘dialogue’ with the dastardly shrew.

Surely only a fool would seek to placate those to whom allegiance to King and Country is incomprehensible…



…by hurting the hearts of the ever loyal.

The only message William should authorise his envoys to convey to the brute’s “team” should be something like…

“Take  Your  Racially Discriminatory ‘Charity’ …