Kent’s Runaway Crimmigrant ‘Children?’ Really?

Where to start with this UK Pravda report, so many comments merited, but first, that boast, how ‘the figures were revealed after a freedom of information request by the BBC.’


Sudden BBC interest in ‘freedom of information?’

About the whereabout of illegal aliens?

Why, you’d think there must be two BBCs, this one eager to tell us stuff…



…while the other one censors its news on the same subject, anxious to deny the public…


( those millions coerced into the license tax)

…suppressing key info on where precisely the crimmigrants are lurking.

Meantime ‘almost a fifth of lone Albanian child refugees have gone missing!’

That’s the sitrep from Kent County Council. Some 39 Albanian ‘unaccompanied children’ out of 197 put on the tax-tab – so far this year – have done a runner





Tiny tots grabbed their toys and made off into the night…



….past Kent’s dauntless security staff, clutching teddies and…

Gimme a break!



First, there’s no way that many (or maybe any) of these absconders were actual children.

More like strapping young crims in their mid to late teens, 15, 16, 17, or even older, no qualms about lying about their age….

An Amber Rudd ‘unaccompanied child ‘


…same folly still in place since the worst Tory Home Secretary ever…

( except maybe Theresa ‘Blub-Blub’ May!

Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out!

….ludicrously mis-categorised by the Home Office as if the aliens were anything but post-pubescent – adults!

Nor, I dare say, are any of the youthful illegals kept confined in their accommodation…


…any more than older undesirable aliens are kept under surveillance, like those we have mentioned.

Another Lonely ‘Unaccompanied Child?


Another Poor Eritrean, Fleeing War?


filthy savage indeed!