Help This Aussie Gran Fight Police-State Victoria!

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During the lockdown, Melbourne grandmother Kerry Cotterill was arrested for standing at the side of a road, holding up a sign saying “toot to boot” Dan Andrews.

That’s all she did.

She was socially distanced. She was close to her home, on a lawful exercise walk.

But police fined her almost $1,800 for insulting Dan Andrews.

Rebel News viewers crowdfunded her legal defence.

But the judge ruled against us — setting a terrible precedent rolling back freedom of speech.

That was in the darkest days of the lockdown. Judges were caught up in Covid mania too, and it was the worst time to set a legal precedent.


And we did.   

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Time has passed. Judges, like the rest of the country, have sobered up. They realise the government went too far.

So we have a rare chance to win this appeal — and set a new precedent for freedom of speech.

If we don’t, the Dan Andrews precedent will remain the law.

We can’t have that. We’ve got to appeal this case. We have to. It’s now or never — either we win it, or the lower court ruling becomes the law.

We CAN win.

But we can only do it with your help.

For over a year, Kerry’s legal team, led by top criminal lawyer Madeleine Smith and constitutional specialist barrister Kathleen Foley have been preparing for this appeal.

Kerry’s case has a real prospect of success. Ensuring the government can never use another “emergency” to abuse the fundamental right of political communication … especially in protest.

Kerry needs your support now!

Between counsel, court fees and expert witnesses, her first 3-day trial cost over $140,000, which you guys were so generous in helping cover. And now, we have a final bill of $90,000 for everything associated with Kerry’s appeal.

But we’ve only raised 14% of Kerry’s appeal.

Which is why I have to ask: if you really oppose Dan Andrews, will you help us? Because this is the moment we need it.

Please click here, or go to We need to cover Kerry’s legal fees.

Right now, Dan Andrews is smiling, because he won the last round. He thinks we’re too tired to fight.

A successful appeal to the higher court will wipe that smile off his face.