Next Woko-Diktat? Desecrate The Parthenon?

Deal to return Elgin Marbles to Greece at advanced stage – reports


A sculpture of a centaur in combat with a man, part of the Parthenon Sculptures, on display in the British Museum.


Amid all the talk about returning the Elgin Marbles to Greece, perhaps there are woke-weasels in the UK reading this….


Was the Parthenon of Acropolis Built by Slaves?

….who will soon be demanding that we should consider a return ONLY if some tawdry plaque is attached to the magnificent statuary, reminding visitors to the Acropolis of the role of slavery in its history?



Further contemplation of what might flit through whatever wokers have between their ears…


(I refer to the moronic removal of Teddy Roosevelt from his plinth in NYC)

Watch – Patriot Lady V Foul-Mouth Brat! 


…makes one wonder if Egypt will soon be urged to take down the splendid statues of slave-owning pharaohs….


Ramsis, Aswan Governorate, Egypt - panoramio.jpg

The Great Temple of Rameses Ii

…..who may have been born, lived and died before Karl Marx was a twinkle in his Daddy’s eye….



…but hell, that’s no excuse for not punishing them for failure to follow the diktats of 21st century cultural marxism.