UK Pravda Exalts Aberrant English Soccer Fan

Why BBC is so obsessively eager to shove the gaystapo down viewers’s throats is no secret.

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers.

The tax-funded state broadcaster is itself infested.

But it’s surely gone altogether too far today, with BBC providing 5 or more minutes of ‘fame,’ a big ego-trip for an English queer who could have enjoyed the footie as much as every other fan…

…had he not chosen to flaunt his deviant sexual tastes, with a large flag.

When accosted-by concerned cops at a Qatari Metro station, he got very ‘annoyed’ ( his word)’ and….



…quickly ( and self-righteously) complained to football authorities.

Entirely a childish fuss of his own making.

We made this point a few weeks ago….

Can’t Gulf-Bound Queers Just Behave? 

…but it’s worth repeating.

Sexually normal fans don’t carry banners proclaiming their heterosexuality, so how come he feels he has to be tiresome.