Librarians Welcome Muck, Reject Decency

Interesting reflection of modern life in the Western world, that FIFTY public libraries in the USA have rejected a “story hour” with Christian actor Kirk Cameron

Knowing how the worst sort of people have been colonising tax-funded libraries..

‘Queering’ Libraries – Battle Lost, But War Must Be Won!

Amid Public Concern About Grooming Kids, American Library Association Picks President Who Pushes ‘Queering’ Libraries

….maybe this is not too surprising, but….

Not one library has agreed to have him.

….such a TOTAL take-over?

“Publicly funded libraries are green-lighting ‘gender marker and name change clinics’ while denying a story time that would involve the reading of a book that teaches biblical wisdom,” Cameron said.

“We have to start fighting back, or we will lose our kids and this country.”  READ