Tot-Brainwash? ‘Teachers’ Exposed?

Absolutely outrageous, if it’s true that the school in the photo below…

St Michael’s Church of England school in Tenterden, Kent

….St Michael’s Church of England school in Tenterden, Kent, is employing ‘teachers accused of telling children that they can be born “in the wrong body” and that some three-year-olds are gender non-binary.



If the accusation is proven, then such ‘teachers’ should never be employed in any school, for children of any age.



Meanwhile, those ‘teachers’ involved in what the Times report calls ‘a row’ over alleged “trans indoctrination…”

….need to be suspended from any class-room activity.

Read the full story via the Times link, and..

BTW use this link…

Tenterden Schools Trust

CEO Mr Stuart Reeves

…to ask about the book that was the subject of the video reportedly shown to tiny tots.