Oxford University Press To Consult Eunuchs?

A new title in the Carols for Choirs series next year is set to be “much more diverse than its earlier volumes in a number of ways”



We have had to take notice of Oxford University Press’s pathetic pandering to wokery in the past…

OUP? Oh You Prigs! 

The works of Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton were cited as classics that parents regularly turned to….
Not good enough, parents!

See the source image

.…parents should broaden their horizons when it comes to the books that they read so children find out about diversity…


…so we shouldn’t be bowled over by their nauseating new move.

Their anonymous spokeswoman…


( a real woman or a tranny man posing as a woman?)

….exemplifies their twisted thinking, when she explains that OUP’s

 “…actively working to ensure our publishing better reflects the diversity of the world we live and work in, and gender diversity is one such area”.


The ‘diversity of the world we live and work in?’

What a hogwash of a thing to say, because the world we live and work in has always had freaks, who were rightly regarded as freaks.

What’s happening nowadays is that OUP ( and many another institution) has gotten busy.

Unable to change realities, they are trying to alter our perceptions….


…to make us think the freaks are to be regarded as normal.

She added: “We have actively engaged with the choral community on best practices around this, including with transgender colleagues within that community…..


OUP ‘engaged with‘ transfreaks?


….and we will continue to do so to ensure we keep learning and open to any further changes required.”


Any furher changes required?

To expand the range of acceptable deviancies?

To include bestiality?

Or incest?

Where will this woke imbecility end?