The Prize Cheek Of ECPAT’s Amelie!.

Hard to comprehend the impudence of that Eritrean woman who has been told by French officials that she may apply for asylum in France…

…which is pretty damn generous, considering she most likely slithered illegally into France from Italy….

Rishi Macron? Muppet Sunak?

….but then France has a pro-crimmigrant government

….but who doesn’t want to accept that golden opportunity.

Let me give you the specific paragraph from the Guardian report…


The woman, 31, who was staying in northern France – ILLEGALLY – hoping to reach the UK – ILLEGALLY -, paid smugglers – ILLEGALLY -for places on a dinghy for herself and her three children, a boy aged 14 and two girls aged nine and five, to cross the Channel – ILLEGALLY –  on 16 December


…but please note, I have inserted one word ( three times) to give you a more accurate picture…


….to remind anybody who’s forgotten that these FAKE ‘refugees’ are boarding boats NOT to escape ‘war and/or persecution’ but to leave a safe democratic land…


…in order to get their greedy snouts into a juicier trough.

Yet the woman is, at best,  merely a typical illegal on the make.

What’s much more offensive, IMHO, is the crass insolence of a foreign leftist who works for something called EPCAT…

( no explanatuon of that name in the Guardian, but checking on Uppity Amelie’s record, she has a history of employment in the ‘refugee’ industry!)

…daring to pile pressure on ‘the UK authorities’ to add the irksome alien woman to the thousands of ‘asylum’ parasites already mooching off British tax-payers..



By all means, reunite these people…



…by sending the illegals who got into the UK illegally back to Calais!

PS…one of Amelie’s former employer’s was the Danish Refugee Council. Whilst checking it out for Soros connections….



( haven’t found any yet)


….I discovered that the DRC lists among its ‘institutional partners’ not only the EUSSR tax- wasting apparats, but also government ministries ib the UK, USA, Canada and Australia and others!