Khan Befouls London Fireworks


Wasn’t that nauseating, the way London’s huge New Year celebration was perverted – at what financial cost to the public purse I have no idea – when it..

.. highlighted the gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell…

.. his unpleasing, sibillant voice with its triumphalist maladjust message?

The Greater London Authority quoted the equally repulsive Sadiq Khan….

Enemy Of The People? Sadiq Khan’s Sorry Record! 

…remember him?

I’m proud that we have sent a message of love, hope and unity.”


They include homos but exclude those addicted to equally bizarre behaviour….


….like necrophilia, incest and bestiality?

And how dare they include in the same programme a ‘tribute’ to HM The Queen and Tatchell’s glabrous gloat over….

50 years of London’s Pride… ttps://

We wrote about Tatchell years ago, when he brought himself into Indonesian politics, and we actually felt sorry for him back then….

London – SBY’s Guards Jump Erstwhile ‘Communist Poof!’

..but truly, this Green Party grimnasty’s constant promotion of his queer causes is as off-putting as the Khan of Londonistan.