BBC? It CAN Get Something Right?

Just saw yet another UK Pravda ad for their dreadful ( and seemingly endless) ‘BBC 100 Women” show…


No More Subversive Subtlety! BBC Exalts Marxists!

…which we have had to criticise more than once.

This advert today included a brief extract from a chat with an actress curiously called ‘Rebel’ Wilson…

….who gets in the media more often, IMHO….

Rebel Wilson has addressed the backlash over the lack of sizing options in her clothing line, R&R Club.

…than her limited talents merit.

But what made me nod in approval?

The text, describing her correctly, identified her job as…


NOT ‘Actor!’

For years there’s been a tiresome habit in many media of trying to erase the distinction between male and female members of various professions…



…no doubt aping the affectations of bra-burning actresses in the USA.

But, ignoring Hollywood, one of the most idiotic examples of fanatic feminist lunacy has been the refusal, when discussing the Anglican ordination of women….



…accurately to refer to female aspirants’ wishes.

Even last month, we were hearing guff about an American woman wanting to become a Catholic ‘priest!’

.The women fighting to be priests

  • By Valeria Perasso and Georgina Pearce
  • BBC 100 Women

But, if properly defined in plain English, her goal was to become a PRIESTESS!


The High Priestess wallpaper


The role of priestess has a long and illustrious history.

Indeed, if the Church of England’s variety looked like their ancient counterparts in other creeds, churches might not be so poorly attended!