Dotard’s Med-Slugs Foist Freakery On Schools

Though it’s called the CDC, the full name of Dotard’s ‘health’ goon-squad is ‘Centre for Disease Control and Protection…’



…which hardly matches their latest pro-perversion stunt, issuing…

‘…a guide for schools to self-assess their commitment to maintaining an “inclusive environment” for homosexual and “trans” children...’



  • Evidently the CDC’s duty to ‘protect’ doesn’t include investigating how these children came to suffer from deviant sexual inclinations…

  • …never mind offering remedial therapy to such mentally disturbed youngsters.

  • Far from it!

  • Dotard’s medical flunkeys are trying to pressure schools to fall in line with the gaystapo agenda.

  • The guide has schools grade themselves from C to A, and tells C schools that they must “commit to change.”

  • A school with mostly A’s is considered “highly inclusive” and an “awesome ally,” the guide states.  READ 



So if pathetic boys start prowling the play-grounds clad in skirts, applauded by twisted ‘teachers..’

School Board Cover For Trans-Freak Predator 

…as has actually happened in at least one infamous case..