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    Even-Handed? BBC Brings On RINO Rina, ‘Republican Strategist!’

    Much ado in Washington DC, so who does UK Pravda have as their guest…



    …to excoriate the rightwing rebels but a ‘Republican strategist’ who, on investigation, turns out to have..

    ‘...endorsed independent Evan McMullin over Donald Trump, the Republican Party presidential nominee


    Rina Shah Bharara

    Certainly she is entitled to speak for the in-crowd who are backing Kevin McCarthy, but as a known participant in the notoriously left-liberal Lincoln Project…

    BBC Selected ‘Experts’ – Guilty Again! 

    Lincoln Project Lice Emerge From Under Their Rock! 

    ……which exists to fight the right, and as one of the RINOs who endorsed independent Evan McMullin over Donald Trump, the Republican Party presidential nominee



    ..might it not have been appropriate for the left bigots who run ‘BBC World News’ to give iitsmany viewers who don’t closely follow American politics…



    ….at least a hint of her RINO record?

    But because they have used this fanatical female to weaponise their prejudices before….

    BBC Lets Renegade ‘Republican’ Rip – ‘Big Tech’s Okay!’ 

    ….they presumably thought to get away with their dirty bias tricks yet again.

    RINO Rina got a grand platform, with a fawning BBC bint…

    …but of course we expected that one of McCarthy’s critics would be invited on to offer a similarly unchallenged oppositional view.



    Ha, instead  10.10 am, Jakarta time – they had a nasty, clearly embittered  man….

    I have no moral center when it comes to political ads, and I will destroy the innocent and the guilty.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Wilson_

    …named Rick Wilson (at least described as a ‘former’ Republican’ )who ranted that the rebels were ‘lunatics’ and ‘nihilists.’

    Oh, and he is identified in that Wikipedia as ‘founder’ of the Lincoln Project



    • Jim Ex Jakarta 12:41 on January 5, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      Well done, exposing the BBC guest-game agzin, and it got me interested enough to change channels at noon here, and they are still at it, a BBC woman giving the star role to Evan McMullen, the one you named as the anti-Trump ‘independent’ candidate that those Lincoln Project rinos supported.
      If I tune into BBC again at 1pm, who will they have next?
      Joe Biden?


    • Vanessa R 15:05 on January 5, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      It’s a national embarrassment, paid for by people who don’t want to pay the salaries of these left propagandists.
      Defund the BBC? That should happen but won’t, not with Tories in power. They are even backing off the privatisation of Channel 4.
      We need to elect serious conservatives who will get something done



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