UK Pravda Bias? Try Francis Drake’s Solution?

Very readable piece in the Telegraph…

Sir Francis Drake is a national hero – we can’t let the BBC cancel him

…about how woko-loko vermin are gnawing ever more rabidly at British history…



…schools especially targetted by race-obsessed leftists intent on erasing national pride.

We have looked at this often enough…

Your Child’s Teacher, The Enemy Within

Haters Shaping Bad UK Teachers’ Techniques? 

National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’

…so will let you use that link for fresh examples of the evil spreading over the land.

But the headline raises the question that more and more people are asking.

‘We Can’t Let BBC…?’

The thing is…..’WE..?.’

We viewers, overseas or in the UK, have no power to ‘let’ or to stop UK Pravda’ continue with its bigoted brainwash.



License-payers get NO say, not even lip-service, to the principle of ‘no taxation without representation.’

Complaints are fobbed off, loftily, as when that cowardly cultural marxist flunkey – his identity concealed….

BBC Proud Of Its Woke Censoring! 

..declared the swine would cancel whatever they pleased…


…no matter how popular.

Which brings us back to a simple choice, Drake’s solution…


How to handle one’s country’s enemies 

…which alas is currently against the law…

..or call on the ‘Conservative’ government to take back control on behalf of the people they claim to represent.

But does anyone seriously think ‘Diversity’ Sunak will answer that call..


New ‘Diversity Built Britain’ coin unveiled by Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak proudly flashes his ‘diversity’ 50p piece


…or even that he gives a monkey’s?