Guardian’s Plain English Prob – ‘Priestesses,’ Please!

It was just a week ago that I drew attention to some common media English errors…

BBC? It CAN Get Something Right? 

…but, sad to say, some media ideologues evidently don’t read my blog.



Why are female clergy cheering for a bishop who doesn’t believe in female priests?

What’s most annoying is that the author of the rant is herself a priestess, a Church of England vicaress, to be precise.

Anglicans can argue all they want – up to them, as I’m not Anglican.

But if they like ordaining women, they should use proper English.

We don’t refer to princesses as princes, do we?

Besides, as noted before, an event advertised as being convened by a priestess, rather than a priest, might well attract a bigger crowd.!

Depends on how vivid your imagination is!

The High Priestess wallpaper