Gun Grab In Turdostan!



Pretty-Boy’s urge towards authoritarianism may be explicable in terms of genes….

Turdo Fulfils His Nazi-Fan Dad’s Day-Dream?

…but that’s small consolation to law-abiding Canadians….

(like most of my Perth County kin there…

…unless the younger rels are different)

…who currently face the new drive towards a state monopoly of fire-arms.



The longer the time that passes since I dwelt there, the harder it becomes to recognise the ‘True North Strong And Free….’



..of which we used to sing in school, so, rather than natter nostalgically, I give you that link above.

The new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is certainly better than any since Harper…

Poilievre OK? No, Sez WaPo Hackette 

Poilievre wearing a black suit and blue tie


…but I leave it to readers in the Dominion to make up their minds on what he has to say.