Who Trusts Anything Said By ‘Aid Workers And Lawyers?’

Not me!

According to aid workers and lawyers, migrant boat skippers are very often also refugees or people with no job alternatives who have been deceived by smugglers…’






‘Hey, guys, can you take this lot out for a jolly day’s fishing.’


No way are they ‘deceived!’
Of course they know they have no visas, no right to gate-crash sovereign borders.

This report, for once, is not about the horde of crimmigratns pouring into Britain.

Rather, it’s about Italy, which has a government, led by the splendid Giorgia Meloni….



…which actually cares about Italians, though the patriotic P.M. has been facing obstruction and nasty nagging by the Fourth Reich.

Italians have had fake-‘refugee’ tsunamis from  North Africa for years…


…..but not just from Africa.

There is another route, more circuitous, enabled by a familiar foe, who else but ….



…Erdolf, who soaks up Brussels bribes…

…but still lets illegals embark on boats galore, aiming to invade Greece.

And not only Greece!

About 11,000 migrants arrived on the Italian coasts of Puglia, Calabria and Sicily in 2021 from the Turkish ports of Izmir, Bodrum and Çanakkale. ..’  

And it’s THOSE illegals the legalice and ‘aid’ agitprops are so het up about..


….charities and human rights associations have highlighted how Italy has conducted a policy of criminalising boat drivers, filling its prisons with innocent men used as scapegoats.


Since when are those in charge of vessels loaded with those intent on lawless intrusion on somebody else’s home and native land ‘innocent!?!

Bravo, Italia!


You should read the whole article, about Russians and Ukrainians are involved in Mediterranean crimmigration.