‘Slimmed-Down Coronation’ Expanded! ‘LGBT Singing?’

Exactly who dreamed up the nightmare script for the Coronation of Charles The Last?


No clear (queer?) answer so far but Charles Rex has to carry the can for the ‘inclusion and diversity’ concert at Windsor Castle featuring a choir drawn from amateur troupes across the United Kingdom….

So far okay, and nobody likely to object to National Health Service choirs… and deaf signing choirs…” https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/01/21/britain-urges-parties-volunteering-to-accompany-3-day-coronation-of-king-charles-iii.html

But ‘refugee choirs?’

Will they be REAL refugees, eg Ukrainians, or will Channel crimmigrants participate?



Hard to say, but there’s far, far worse to come.



‘LGBTQ singing groups?’

Best make sure there are no choir-boys interspersed with the chorusing queers.

Daily more difficult…


…to maintain the monarchism that has been part of my family lineage for at least 500 years.