BBC’s ‘Experts’ Of The Day!

As we all wait for the body-cam..



…BBC brought in Jody Armour, law professor, saying police should not be involved in traffic stops OR drug interdiction.

He also repeated previous wittering about ‘unconscious bias…?’

As a critical race scholar, Dr. Armour…. freely admits that critical race theory is included in his curriculum

Bad enough.


George Floyd family lawyer, Attorney Ben Crump (L) and Rev. Al Sharpton, outside the Hennepin County Government Center (51083634737) (cropped).jpg


But then…Al Sharpton?

WHY does UK Pravda repeatedly let this rabid old ranter on…..

BBC’s Bowes Blind To Sharpton Truth? 

.. without telling viewers what sort of person he really is.

PS they just had another ‘expert’ on, damning police, this time Rodney King’s daughter.

Maybe just skip the trials of the five black officers?