Priti Useless V Odd Coppers!

Vegan and LGBT police groups among 200 ‘distracting officers from fighting crime’, says Priti Patel…

It’s all very well for a former Home Secretary to acknowledge how ‘deeply concerning’ it is that ‘”staff networks had ‘strayed beyond the acceptable bounds of political impartiality…”

Yet we are entitled to ask what the hell she did, about such curious constables, as Home Secretary.


Priti Patel Minister.jpg

Priti Patel


Not one cop was fired for kneeling in submission to those BLM racists.


Why didn’t Priti Useless stamp out these queer cliques when she was the Tory Government minister responsible for policing?

Obviously, action to prevent recruitment of undesirables would have been welcome.



Any move to root out the rot would have been cheered by tax-payers.

Yet what, pray, did Priti do?

She let the rot flourish…

Priti ‘Pinko’ Patel, Pronoun Puke Bully

…under her very nose.

You don’t have to be particularly old to recall how Ms. Patel won widespread popularity because she supported capital punishment…



Nor how she quickly disowned that admirable stance in order to serve in Jellyfish Johnson’s WoKabinet.

Nor have we forgotten her abject failure to kick out the crimmigrants….


.Priti Pampers Parasites! What, No Dessert

….instead her flunkeys spoiled them rotten.

What was it Aneurin Bevan said, so long ago?

Tories Are Vermin!’