Defund UK 'Border Farce!'

Government figures show 592 migrants have crossed the Channel so far this year, but the activity was only recorded on three days in January.

What the Hell does that even mean?

But let’s say that waste of space…

A group of people thought to be migrants are brought in to Dover, Kent, onboard a Border Force vessel, following a small boat incident in the Channel. Picture date: Wednesday January 25, 2023.

These useless gits should be defunded


…the ‘Border Farce,’ welcomed  592 uninvited illegal undesirables ashore in January…


(or was that the total for just 3 days in January?)


…we are entitled to ask, knowing they are prosecutable under Tory government legislation…

Exclusive: Home Office figures show 60 prosecutions for illegally arriving in British waters while almost 30,000 made journey


…how many of the wannabe parasites (or worse?) were arrested, charged and held in custody pending trial?


Meanwhile more Rwanda rot, as Jellyfish Jenrick quails before the legalice threat, telling the Commons.

‘….the government still hopes to restart flights “as soon as possible”, but said it was “right” to wait until court appeals have concluded..’

Round the swine up  use suitably secure places of confinement, bread and water diet…


Hasil gambar untuk oubliette

Oubliettes are easy to construct, methinks, or, though one feels sorry for the sea-birds, there’s that other solution I have offered in the past….

No Man's Land

Britain’s handy uninhabited islets

….and if they are thus immersed in misery, they might howl to be put on flights to Rwanda, or anywhere but Blighty.