Bodies Hanging From Sydney Harbour Bridge?

How many bodies were hanging from Sydney’s famous bridge?



Usually, the Aussie Daily Telegraph is a source of fairly sensible reports….

..but this caught my attention today, a serious grammar lapse, surely!



Apparently, a ‘controversial climate protester who suspended themselves above a Sydney railway freight line has been removed from a northern NSW court by sheriffs….’


Okay, ONE anti-social agitator can hang himself, or herself, but ‘themselves?’

I checked other media -no doubt ABC would get it right..


…and/or left!


Blockade Australia climate activist handed ‘rap on knuckles’ over Port Botany protest

( ‘Blockade Australia’, for non-Oz readers, is similar to The UK’s X-Stinko Revulsion gang)


Bipod over Port of Botany freight rail _Emma Dorge Blockade Australia
Emma DorgeĀ suspended themselves over Port Botany for three hours before they were arrested.

Hard to tell if it’s male or female, but it’s a photo of one person, with a plural pronoun .

Yes, ABC is playing the Pronoun Puke Game…


…as much a global pestilence as the Chinese Virus ever was!

Gets worse, too.

….26-year-old Emma Dorge, suspended themself …


That’s not even a word!

…from a pole over the side of a Port Botany freight bridge, blocking access to incoming and outgoing trains while carrying a sign, in late March this year.

Weird court, no jail-time.

If flogging were available, many would cheer – but in its absence, a year behind bars…



…would have made more sense.

I was given a CRO (conditional release order) and a small fine so it’s not too bad,” Dorge said.

Magistrate Miranda Moody’s excuse for the pathetic slap on the wrist?

A lot of these people have their hearts in the right places and I’m sure Miss Dorge does as well.’

At least the judge called it Miss!

However, there comes a time when the courts must act to protect members of the public and rescue services,” Magistrate Moody said.

And got the next bit right..

You’re not smart. You’re a fool to do this..’

But my condemnation today is for the Telegraph, falling into PC garbage grammar…


…as bad as ABC!