‘Modest’ Hijab Day? BBC Insults Women

 At 2 30pm today, BBC’s hefty bias bint Bundock told us it was World Hijab Day, then continued predictably.

Given the way UK Pravda reports on this aspect of sectarianism..

Tone-Deaf BBC Still Plugs Sharia Scarfing 


…no surprise she had a guest, a woman rabbiting about the  ‘modest fashion industry’

….with text news at the bottom of the screen repeating those words…

…which are really offensive to millions of modest women who won’t ever don the sharia scarf.

We aren’t the only observers who notice BBC bias on this issue…


…and we have in the past noted the Big Lie, that the scarf is a symbol of modesty ..…


Image result for jakarta modest fashion week 2018


Offensive In Jakarta – Women Can Be Modest Without Being Sectarian! 

… arrogant fashion shows claiming to be ‘Fesyen Modest.’

‘Fesyen Modest!’ That Offensive ‘Modest’ Label Hits Jakarta! 

That arrogant claim constitutes a grotesque slur on every girl who models perfectly decent clothes, as if showing one’s hair or knees or shoulders is somehow immodest…



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