F24 Anti-Royal Bias Guillotines Fair Play

It was 12.45pm yesterday, when France24’s news bulletin devoted a mere minute or 3 to Australia’s decision….


Design of the new English banknotes, featuring King Charles III.

British cash, with C.Rex

….to exclude King Charles from the $5 bill.
Instead, the politicised banking authority intends to decorate the banknote with Aborigine images.

Since paper money has two sides, it seems odd that both monarchical and indigenous pix can’t be included…

…but that’s how political the banks in Oz are these days.

Same with postage stamps in USA, the worst example being the stamp produced in Obama’s awful era….

BBC Hides Truth About Child-Molestor! 

USPS Harvey Milk

Predators and Child Molestors

…to honour a notorious pedo predator.

However – back to France24,  whose fanatical far-left bias…

France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! .


France24’s Uncommon Disregard For Media Standards – ‘Encore!’

France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically!

….with which we are all too familiar, evidently incudes anti-royalism.



Let’s see what some people think,’ said the F24 news-girl.


Just two, actually.

But of course one for, one against?


Don’t be daft, it’s France24!

Two shrill anti-royals, one shrew grimly declaring ‘we have nothing to do with the Commonwealth,’ and a grumpy old git echoing her sentiments.

There are plenty of Aussies loyal to the Crown.

Was it sloth, or prejudice  that prevented France24 locating even one?