Nane The Waur Furra Hingin’?

A lot of people think Gaelic is Scotland’s native language, and it is…



…for some thousands of Highlanders and Islanders.


But in the central and southern parts of the country, Lallans, Old Scots, was spoken everywhere.  .

Not that different from Olde English…



…though linguists will jump on that, for there are significant distinctions.

Yet Lallans lingers on and, still comprehensible, has a certain resonance, as with..

Nane The Waur Furra Hingin’

which, as I’ve explained previously –Ayo, Malaysia – Hang ‘Em High! And Ignore UK Sticky-Beaks! – simply means what the old judge said about a convicted criminal, who’d be…


None the worse for a hanging!’.

And here’s a scumbag….

Jaswant Singh Chail

Jaswant Singh Chail

A man who arrived at Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow and told a protection officer “I am here to kill the Queen” has pleaded guilty to a charge under the Treason Act

…who fits that bill.

PS  If you read the linked report, you’ll see how his racialised hang-ups about the British Empire played a part.

How many other anti-British psychotics….

National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’

….is ‘de-colonised history’ in UK schools producing?