BBC & Gates -The Hate-Trump Show

Talking about conspiracy theories, Qanon, and getting elected thereon,...’

..the BBC leftist Amol Rajak, bare-facedly asked…

What about Donald Trump?’



Trump of course won for many good reasons, notably his principled stand on illegal immigrants…

The Good Mexicans Trump Talked About! 

….and of course…

….because he had a lousy, obnoxious opponent!

Q-anon fans may well have voted for The Donald, but for Amroj to say he was elected ‘on the back of’ their support is simply a Hillaroid smear on millions of decent patriots, those insulted by Clinton as ‘deplorables

But Bill Gates obligingly replied that he hoped Republicans would find a new candidate…

…like who…?

…boasting later of his political donations to ‘centrist’ candidates.

Like who…?

Gates Foundation Was Major Donor to Pro-Biden ‘Dark Money’ Network

Anybody got the names?

The BBC hack, like a dog to its vomit kept returning to ‘conspiracy theories…’


Who, me?


…but Rajan had to bring in the subject of his ex-wife…

…asking Gates about the divorce – was he still hurting?

Irrespective of my disapproval of Gates, I thought that was incredibly rude (‘inappropriate,’ as wokers would say!) even for a UK Pravda hack.