Saint Laura? OMG! BBC Exalts Trevelyan

We have surely heard quite enough about Laura Trevelyan…

Laura Trevelyan

…..yes, that clown…

BBC Twit Trevelyan – Britain ‘Almost Invented’ Slavery!- 

…noted for her perspicacity, or should we say frail grasp of historical accuracy..

.’almost invented…’ …an institution that’s been around for millienia?

What a klutz!


…and whose impartial approach we noted with regard to the block-buster witch-hunt show…. UK Pravda Relays Trumpophobe Witch-Hunt

..but now her employers, UK Pravda…



…who use Brits’ coerced license tax to pay her huge salary, are beatifying the old bat…



…with her appearance ‘in a personal capacity‘ today,  at 8.20am Jakarta time, eagerly, but reverently, interviewed by Azadeh Moshiri…


Azadeh Moshiri exposes the flaws of diversity schemes

A superficial focus on race ignores a more important element: class

Azadeh Moshiri


..another Beebette whose privileged background merits scrutiny.

Lefty Laura is no better than she should be, but her observations…

e.g. that slavery,  abolished by the British Empire nearly two centuries ago, must carry some of the blame for the extent of obesity among West Indians today…



…do not belong in the bracket of Big News, and she would not have been on our tv screens ‘in her personal capacity ‘ were she not a UK Pravda hireling.