‘Sensitivity Readers?’ To The Wood-Shed!

I shouldn’t peruse the news in the morning.



from California

“Evolving From Violent Language.

Out goes ‘killing two birds with one stone’. In comes ‘feeding two birds with one scone’. Out goes ‘roll with the punches’. In comes ‘let’s move forward’.

Other proscribed expressions include ‘flogging a dead horse’ and ‘taking a stab’ at something.



Language Luddites, in LaLa Land.

So, what are we talking about?

The shortest, simplest way to describe ‘sensitivity readers‘ mlght be ‘self-righteous, uptight, censorious toads…,’

Sensitivity Reader?
Kal balea 080117-3561 hurn.jpg
On the look-out for ‘offence?’

…but you may think that suggests hostility…..

  .so here’s another definition, from a far-left Guardian woko-woman…

‘..a sensitivity reader is an additional editor who works alongside the publishing house staffer who acquired the rights to your book.

This individual will conduct a very specific read of the manuscript, and offer notes on characters from marginalised groups, or elements which may cause offence …’https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/mar/08/stop-moaning-sensitivity-readers-diversity-publishing

OMG, doesn’t that make you want to chunder?



OK, an example of how these parasitic drones operate?

Read this…


…from which I plucked the California quote.

Or this!

Horowitz, 67, claimed he was asked to change a passage in his last murder mystery which described a Native American character attacking someone with a scalpel.

His publisher’s ‘quite sensitive sensitivity reader’ apparently felt the word scalpel was too reminiscent of the historic Native American practice of scalping their adversaries, and Horowitz said he was advised to replace the word with ‘surgical instrument’.

Anthony Horowitz

My clash with ‘sensitivity readers’ |


Hell,  even an Observer columnist shows signs of sense on the issue..

I fear that we are in danger of losing nuance and true meaning in our use of the English language. https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/commentisfree/2023/feb/05/may-i-have-a-word-about-trigger-warnings

What do you think?

I think the author is quite wrong to define the klutz-kommissar as ‘well-meaning.’



The ‘sensitivity reader’ was either an uptight Red Indian (in the Magua mould, pictured) intolerant and possibly intoxicated with forbidden fire-water….



….or else just a run-of-the-mill pinko puke.

Either way an ignorant sloth…




…too lazy to investigate the origins of a well-known word.

Nothing ‘well-meaning’ there.



More like an Enemy Within, waging war on Western culture.

These ‘S-R’ creeps should be named, shamed and accorded leper status.