The Old Nag’s A Major Embarrassment!

This old has-been used to be described by his fans as a ‘modest’ man…




UK will tarnish reputation if it quits European Court of Human Rights, warns Sir John Major

..and by God, he has much to be modest about – not least his record of grovelling to that pack of robed rogues in Strasbourg…

Look At Major’s Record! 

…back when he crawled to their diktat, excluding corporal punishment from the arsenal available for school discipline.



…even though he himself had voted to keep the cane in England  and the tawse in Scotland.

Just think about that.

He believed in his heart what was best for the way UK education was run….


….yet bowed like a serf, obediently submissiove to the ignorant ECHR leftists’ decree.

In fact, though I met him when he was PM, and found his demeanour equable enough, in retrospect methinks his ‘modesty’ was always feigned…

….concealing a mean streak, well-matched to his deceitful side, as when he told MPs that the very idea of talks with Blood-Beast Adams…



…would ‘make my stomach churn,’ knowing as he spoke that his stuck-up running dog, Patrick Mayhew, was neck-deep in scheming with the terrorist scumbags of Sinn Fein/IRA.

So sod the old nag!

But what’s this, not far down the same page…

Former PM’s intervention will reignite fractious debate within the Tory party over how to respond to Channel migrants crisis..

Fractious debate?’

There should be NO debate on  cracking down hard, which existing law clearly allows……


Exclusive: Home Office figures show 60 prosecutions for illegally arriving in British waters while almost 30,000 made journey


…but which the craven Tories have shockingly failed to put to good use.