Well Done, Betty Knight! But Punish The Guilty!

Solidarity With Betty Knight, we all surely say.

She’s the ‘black teacher at a further education college who was accused of not doing enough to promote diversity…’

Gòod grief!

The woman just got on with teaching, rather then smother young minds with the current, crack-pot state ideology?

A firing offence, surely….


‘Admit it! You told a tranny bloke to use the Gents!’


…or is it now a criminal offence too?

Seriously, it’s good she’s getting ‘more than £68,000 after she was unfairly sacked…’



…but better by far were she put in charge of the damn school…


Equality teacher

Havant and South Downs College Telephone: 01420 592200 (Alton) Telephone: 023 9387 9999 (Havant/South Downs) Email: customerservices@hsdc.ac.uk

.. where there should be quite a few vacancies to fill, right?


Nobody got what was coming to them?

Not even the woko shrew who sent an email to her fellow assessor saying: ‘Unfortunately she is now throwing the E&D Black comment at me too‘…



The tribunal ruled that the email constituted ‘unwanted conduct related to race’ which ‘violated’ Ms Knight’s dignity and created an ‘intimidating, hostile and offensive’ working environment https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11193177/Black-teacher-wins-constructive-dismissal-case-against-college-humiliated-assessors.html

Why were those who put Betty Knight down not dismissed? Why not use that contact info above and ask?


And where’s that 68 grand coming from?

I rather suspect that it’ll be squeezed out of the school budget…


…when what should happen, if justice means anything, is that it should be taken from the pockets…


…purses or bank accounts of the woke weasels whose mean-spirited mind-set forced her out.