Street-Sweeper Says Oz Republic NOT Inevitable!

Millions of people live in Australia, most of whom are NOT involved in show-biz.

So why do I suddenly see text news on UK Pravda telling us that Hugh Jackman…



…is asserting that ‘Australia will become a republic.’

If Mr. Jackman offers advice on how to portray a werewolf, or any aspect of acting, that would likely be interesting.

But on constitutional change?

Why are there not similar personal opinions from street-sweepers, shop assistants, tv repairmen, hair-dressers, etc. both for AND against constitutional change.

I expect the Aussie Bias Channel to single out, for tv prominence, persons who share their agenda…



…but why is BBC promoting this infantile obsession with quoting celebrities on issues on which they are not especially qualified to comment??

Yet it’s no secret that the same ideology prevails in both ABC, BBC…and…


…and indeed in Canada’s CBC.