One Judge Gets Woko-Punished – But The Other?

Isn’t this ridiculous, what’s happened to Judge Tracey Cronin, in England?



So the powers that be, with the lord chancellor’s agreement, issued Her Honour Judge Tacey Cronin with ‘formal advice for misconduct’




Sanction for judge who ‘displayed subconscious bias..


That’s from an article, by somebody called Monidipa Fouzder, in the British Law Gazette, and isn’t it absurd that a perfectly reasonable question…

 ‘asking an ethnic minority litigant who was born in the UK whether she had researched the law ‘in the country in which you are living…’.



Another woko-loko absurdity, big deal, I hear you say, but this PC hogwash needs to be slammed…ESPECIALLY since no action was taken against that OTHER judge..

Pro-Freak English Judge Rules -Truth Is ‘Offensive, Exclusionary!





….who substituted an ideological rant for rational observation in that case just over three years ago.

Was Judge Taylor called to account in 2019?

If so, there have been no media reports that I have heard of, but last week Judge Cronin  accepted responsibility for her actions and apologised.’


Perhaps nobody lodged a complaint in 2019, deeming protest against judicial prejudice a waste of time.

But in the Cronin case, ‘the litigant,’  evidently one of many UK whiners ever on the look-out for trivial cause to take offence, did complain.



Have such uptights nothing better to do?