Dotard Disrespects Women, Again

Dotard Biden is a sad, sick, old ratbag, with quite a record as far as treating women with contempt is concerned….


President For All The Freaks

….and he has just excelled himself, as far as disrespect’s concerned, when his….

….’administration awarded a biological man an award for courage in honor of International Women’s Day during a Wednesday ceremony at the White House…

It turns out that the recipient, Alba Rueda, is not a woman at all but a man, a transfreak who purports to be a woman!



But thanks to the ever more senescent Dotard, Rueda ‘received an “International Women of Courage” award from Secretary of State Antony Blinken and first lady Jill Biden. Rueda is an Argentinian politician.’w  READ

How low can the current American government sink?



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It’s just a video but the lady makes sense!