Irish Jokes Allowed Once Again? Jumpin’ Juniper!

Since one’s career in sport can be destroyed if some po-faced little uptight takes umbrage on hearing the ‘P-Word….


Englishmen at cricket

Can The P-Word Harm Kids?


….’ I have been wary of those good old ‘Irish’ jokes…


My fave?

The Irish cat that took a dump and buried itself!


…cautious, lest use of the racist name ‘P-ddy‘ results in prosecution by the UK PC Thought Police.



But cast such caution to the winds!

Now a far-left Eire politician has made himself a global laughing stock…

An Irish lawmaker has said he doesn’t want to limit his newborn baby by labeling them as a boy or a girl, wanting them to have the freedom to decide their own gender.

…..and the pinko weirdo has named the poor baby…wait for it.. ‘Juniper!’

My thanks to Remix for this sad story, which would surely make a cat laugh, and embarrass everybody who hails from the Emerald Isle!


‘Let them decide!’ Irish MP refuses to gender newborn baby, refers to him as ‘it’

Paul Murphy, an Irish People Before Profit–Solidarity politician who has represented the Dublin South-West constituency since 2014, sat down with the Irish Times newspaper to discuss his approach to fatherhood.