Good Riddance, Posh BBC Pinko?

Well, we’ve not got rid of one UK Pravda pinko creep…

Smirking Hate-Hound Awaits ‘Independent Expert?’ 

….but at least we won’t have this one gabbling at us again.

Saint Laura? OMG! BBC Exalts Trevelyan 

I said a while ago that we have ‘surely heard quite enough about Laura Trevelyan…’

Laura Trevelyan
Laura Trevelyan

…..…whose ignorance of history we had noted previously..

BBC Twit Trevelyan – Britain ‘Almost Invented’ Slavery!- 

…but now she’s back in the news  because she’s leaving UK Pravda to gad about the Caribbean, agitating for the ‘Reparations’ industry.


So we can say a hearty ‘Good Riddance?’

That is a nice thought, indeed, but maybe a wish destined not for fulfilment ….



… because knowing BBC”s penchant for bringing in leftist propagandists in the guise of ‘experts…’

BBC Selected ‘Experts’ – Guilty Again! 

Guest-Expert” Impartial? Hee-Haw

‘Fascist’ Smear By BBC’s Latest “Guest!’

BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

   I fear the elegant extremist will soon be back on our tv screens, pleading her absurd case for new ways to waste money extracted from the tax trough.