Breaking (Shocking) News From Stalinoid Calgary!

So sad to remember what a fun time I had in Calgary, Alberta, quite a few years ago, when entertainment meant country songs in bars and, outdoors…


Ooops, Trojan Horse, not a rodeo


…the grand rodeo known as The Calgary Stampede.

Now it seems the jackboot mayoress, a weird woman cut from the same left-authoritarian cloth as the Turdo Dynasty, has ordered a crack-down on decent people protesting against Drag filth.



Rather than re-hash the details, I offer Rebel News’ report and hope you may see fit to respond to their appeal.

Moments ago, Calgary police arrested Pastor Derek Reimer — AGAIN!

Pastor Derek has been in hot water with law enforcement over the past few weeks for his protests against children’s drag queen story hour events.

He spent four days in jail before being granted bail and released last week for protesting at a public library where a story hour event was taking place. The police took him in after heeding the call of Calgary’s power-hungry mayor, Jyoti Gondek, who publicly demanded his arrest.

Gondek then threatened to crack down on future protests against drag performances for kids, leading to the passing of a new bylaw late last night. The new law outlaws “specified protests” and imposes outrageous penalties of up to $10,000 in fines and up to a year in jail.

Our Calgary team was on the scene as the police moved in, handcuffed Paster Derek, and dragged him into a police cruiser.

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Breaking: Calgary pastor arrested protesting new law limiting anti-drag show demonstrations

We are still gathering all the details regarding this arrest. But the police informed Derek that he was breaching his “200 metre ‘no go’ conditions.”

We’ll have a fulsome report on Pastor Derek’s arrest soon, so stay tuned to for the latest.

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